I'm Amanda, welcome to my world.

Hello, I'm Amanda and I am a wife, mum, grandmother, dog-lover, author, creator, artist and designer.

I'm hoping to make this a one-stop shop showcasing everything I offer in my quest to make your life a little happier by helping you get back into art and crafts, and also to make gift-buying

easier for you.

This stems from many years of having stalls at craft fairs and stressed-out people desperately searching for THE gift for that person who already has everything.

I've helped people win 'naffest gift of christmas' - I'm taking that as an achievement and a compliment even though I had made the gift ... a Santa toilet roll cover. I found it funny anyway.

The secret santa gift for the Big Boss ..... a crocheted cactus called Eric.

and so it goes on....

unicorns, bees, bugs, boats, hats, jewellery, t-shirts, bespoke painting kits, etc etc, all made with love for you, by me.

Coming Soon

"Panic to Peace - One stroke at a time"

Learn to use simple creativity to calm your busy mind

by joining my New Membership Program.

There has been loads of scientific research done to find out if creativity actually does any good. The findings show that the answer is YES!!!

  • Art, crafts, doodling, scribbling, knitting, sewing, crochet, crafts of all kinds have been proven to help us relax.
  • When we relax, our brains and bodies can calm down and this allows the adrenalin levels  in our bodies to drop. This is a very good thing because when we run on adrenalin for too long our bodies and brains really do suffer.
  • Doing things we enjoy also allow the 'feel-good' hormones to develop in us too.
  • Today's world is much too fast, much too busy, much too demanding and 74% of people in the UK  feel so stressed that they cannot cope with daily life (Mental Health Foundation and YouGov). 
  • NHS Digital also suggest that 1 child in 6 will experience serious mental health issues. This is echoed by The Children's Society as well.

So it's very important that we all start learning easy, fun ways of relaxing and sharing these ways with our young people too.

If you would like to learn more about using creativity to help relax, join my free Facebook group by clicking HERE

Unicorn tee-shirts

I really miss my unicorn tee-shirts so I decided to design my own and make them available for you to buy. 

There are various sizes for adults and children. Various colours and many designs.

Bridal Party, Hen Party, Bridal Shower


Lots of tops available for the parties before the big day for all the guests.

Tee-shirts for all the family

There's more than just unicorns here....

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